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  Welcome to bathareus...


    Bathareus is one of the most famous brands in China mainland for sanitary  ware  products ,since established in 1993, bathareus has been devoted our heart and soul to the bathroom saniary wares business.

  Selection Items:
 Product Name: Single square Jacuzzi 82248
 Model No.: 82248
 Size: 13/4/5/6/7/800x750x580mm
 Description: Single square jacuzzi
 Product Name: Bubble Hydro Massage bathtub 83201
 Model No.: 83201
 Size: 1700x800x600mm
 Description: Bubble Hydro Massage bathtub
 Product Name: Double Square Jacuzzi 82268
 Model No.: 82268
 Size: 1800*1200*680mm
 Description: Double square Jacuzzi,pillows at each side
 Product Name: One person square Jacuzzi 82288
 Model No.: 82288
 Size: 1700x800x580mm
 Description: Jacuzzi 82288
 Product Name: Single square Jacuzzi 82218
 Model No.: 82218
 Size: 1700*960*630mm
 Description: Single square Jacuzzi
 Product Name: Simple Shower Room 2819
 Model No.: 2819
 Size: 800*800*1850
 Description: Simple Shower Room 2819
 Product Name: 2 recline + 3 seats for 5 persons square hot tub spa-155
 Model No.: spa155
 Size: 2280*2280*950
 QTY/Container: 5-10-12 sets for 20GP 40GP 40HC
 Description: 2 recline + 3 seats for 5 persons square hot tub spa-155
 Product Name: Skirt Bathtub 011
 Model No.: 011
 Size: 1500*750*410
 Description: Skirt Bathtub 011
 Product Name: Shower Base with Lip 039
 Model No.: 039
 Size: 1200*900*100 1520*820*100
 Description: Shower Base with Lip 039
 Product Name: Integrated tub 813A
 Model No.: 813A
 Size: 1800*850*580
 Description: Integrated tub
 Product Name: Outdoor spa Favourspa 143
 Model No.: Spa-143
 Size: 2100*1600*920
 Description: Outdoor Spa 143
 Product Name: Toilet 5002
 Model No.: 5002
 Size: 750*410*660
 Description: Toilet 5002
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